I. SUBJECT       The subject of a sentence is a noun or pronoun that does, causes, or receives the action of the verb. It has gender, number, and person.

II.  OBJECT The direct object of a sentence recieves the action of the verb.

A. DIRECT OBJECT - A direct object answers the question “who” or “what” of the verb. It must come directly after the verb. (i.e. I guarded a Sefer Torah. “Sefer Torah” is the direct object.)

B. INDIRECT OBJECT - An indirect object feceives the action of the verb indirectly. (ex Shimon gave the book to me. “To me” is the indirect object.)

C. OBJECT OF THE PREPOSITION - A prepositional phrase consists of a preposition and a noun or pronoun, with or without adjectives. The noun or pronoun is the object of the preposition. (ex. Moshe placed the book on the table. Shimon learned in Yeshiva. “Table” and “Yeshiva” are objects of the preposition.)

   III.  PREDICATE The predicate is the portion of the sentence containing the verb. A predicate says something about the subject of the sentence.

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