Chapter One - Mishna 3 Antignos goes on to say, "Even though you serve Hashem because you love Him, you must also serve Him with fear." If a person loves Hashem, he wants to do as much as possible. He keeps all of the mitzvos of the Torah. But fear of Hashem protects a person from doing those things the Torah tells him not to do. This boy is trying to fight the Satan. If we serve Hashem with both love and fear, we can serve Him completely and push the Satan out of the picture.

Antigonus of Socho, the disciple of Shimon the Righteous, used to say that
a person must not perform the mitzvos only to receive a reward,
Antignos of Socho received (the Tradition) from Shimon Hatzadik. He was in the habit of saying: "Do not be like servants who serve their master in order to get a reward, but be like servants who serve their masters even without payment." The servant in the picture, is waiting on his master and hoping to get paid for his work. When we serve Hashem, we should do so because we love Him. We should not expect Hashem to repay us.

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