Chapter One - Mishna 4

Yose ben Yoezer, the Nasi, of Tzreidah used to say:
Let your house be a meeting place for sages
Yose ben Yoezer of Tzeredah (the "nasi" or president of the Court of Law) and Yosef ben Yochanan of Jerusalem (the "av beis din" or head of the Court of Law) received the Tradition from Shimon Hatzadik and Antignos of Socho.

Yose ben Yoezer said: "Let your house be a meeting place for Sages". Make your home a place where Torah scholars will say, "Let's get together at Ploni's house". While they study and teach there, you will also learn from them an pick up good habits. The boy in the picture has his head tilted back as if smelling the sweet scent of Torah. Torah does not actually have a smell but it is like someone who goes into a perfume store; even if he does not buy anything, he comes out smelling good.

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