During Channukah and Purim we add the "brocha""Al-Hanissim" (for the miracles). Since "AlHa-nissim" is a prayer of thanks for the miracles ofChannukah and Purim, we include it in Birkas Ho-oretz (whichbegins with "Nohdeh") which is also a prayer of thanks.
For Channukah and Purim add: "We thank You for the miracles,for freeing us to serve Hashem, for the mighty acts, for savingus, and for wars (that You fought for us), that You did for ourfathers in those days at this time:"
Each and every day, Hashem does miracles for us just as He didfor our forefathers. Some are easy for us to see, while some arenot. (Lavush)
"In the days of Mattisyohu the son of Yohchonon, the"Koh-hayn Godohl" (the High Priest), the Hasmonean andhis sons, the wicked kingdom of Greece ruled over Your nationYisroel, to make them forget Your Torah, and to convince them notto keep your "mitzvohs". You, in Your great kindness,stood by them in their time of trouble. You fought their fights;judged their judgments; took revenge for them. You handed thestrong to the weak. You let a few people beat many people. Youhanded those that are "tomay" into the hands of thosewho are "to-hohr". You made the bad people lose to thegood people. You handed people who did sins to people who keepYour Torah. For Yourself, You made a great and holy name in Yourworld. On this day, You saved and freed us. Afterwards, Yourchildren came to the holiest place of Your house, and theycleaned out Your "Bays Hamikdosh" (Temple). They litlights in the courtyard of Your "Bays Hamikdosh", andthey set down for all time that these eight days of Channukahshould be used for giving thanks and praises to Your greatname."


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