"V'al hakohl" is part of the "brocha"called "Birkas Ho-oretz". The "brocha" beginswith "Nohde" - (we thank Hashem), and ends with"v'al hakohl" - (on everything we thank You), to teachus that a person should give praise and thanks at the beginningand the end. (Brochohs 49A) By talking about all the thingsHashem has done for us, it brings us to a greater appreciation,so we thank Him again. (Etz Yosef)

"Yisborach shimcho b'fi chol chai tomid l'ohlomvo-ed" -(May Your name be blessed in the mouth of all livingcreatures, always,for all time.)Right now only Jews praiseHashem. So, we ask Hashem to send "Moshiach", wheneveryone will recognize that Hashem is the One and Only. Then,everyone will praise and serve Hashem. (Etz Yosef)


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