"Hashem is my Shepherd, I will not lack anything."(T'hilim 23:l) King David feels that since Hashem has the powerto do anything, there is no need to worry. Like a shepherd,Hashem will take care of all our needs. (M'tzudas Dovid)"roh-ay yisroel" - (the Shepherd of Israel)
We are used to thinking that when Hashem does miracles likesaving us from an enemy, that is a great wonder. Rav Yochonon,however, teaches us that Hashem's taking care of our day to dayneeds, is more extraordinary than that. Taking us out of exile,is carried out by an angel, as it says, "the angel whoredeemed me from all evil". (B'rayshis 48:l6) But HashemHimself, takes care of our day to day needs, as it says,"Hashem who has been my Shepherd..." (B'rayshis 48:l5)Hashem takes care of our needs, like a shepherd who watches overeach of his animals. (P'sochim ll8A)
"hamelech hatohv v'hamaytiv lakohl" - (the king who isgood and who does good to all)
"You are good and You do good." (T'hilim ll9:68)"Hatohv": You are good to us without our even askingfor Your goodness. "Hamaytiv": When we pray for help,You answer by doing good for us. (M'tzudas Dovid)

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