"Ohseh sholohm bim-rohmov hu ya-aseh sholohm olaynu v'al kolyisro-ayl v'imru omayn." - (He who makes peace in His heavens, may He make peace for us and for all Israel, and say,Amen.)
"Rule and fear are with Him, He makes peace in His high places." (Iyov 25:2)
Hashem's kingdom is great. He makes peace in the heavens, so that each angel does exactly what Hashem wants him to do. They do not fight with each other, but instead, work peacefully with one another. They know that Hashem has unlimited power to punish anyone who does not do His will. If angels, who do not have
man's weaknesses and faults, understand and fear Hashem, how much more so should human beings, who get into fights easily, be aware of Hashem's power. (M'tzudas Dovid, Etz Yosef) Two men are fighting. They have come to Ahron Hakoh-hayn who was known as aman who "loved peace and ran after peace". Thank G-d,they came to the right place.

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