Her husband’s heart trusts her, and he won't be missing any wealth.

The ideal wife always wants to do the best for her husband. He can depend on her to properly take care of the home, so that he can spend time earning a living. (Metzudas David). The Gemara explains that even if she gives a lot of money to charity, or uses much money preparing for Shabbos and the Yomim Tovim, Hashem returns these expenses, and they will not be missing any money, because of this. (Gemara) “Taking care of the home,” means keeping kosher, observing Shabbos, and seeing that the children get a good Jewish education (Yalkut Me’am Lo’ez). By doing all of these things, the Eishes Chayil makes it possible for her husband to study Torah, which is the real “wealth”, that he will not be missing (Chasam Sofer)! We see that the word "wealth" can have two meanings. It may either mean actual wealth and money, or a spiritual wealth which comes from Torah.