Right after the Modeh Ani Prayer and before taking his foot out of bed, a person should wash Netilas Yadayim. He does this by pouring water over his hands using a cup. First, he picks up the full cup of water in his right hand, and pours some of the water onto his left hand. Then, he switches the cup to his left hand and pours water onto his right hand. He does this three times, changing between his right and left hand. This is the order: right, left, right, left, right, left. One reason for this, is because when a person sleeps, a spirit of "Tum'ah", called the "Bas Meiech", rests on his hands. The washing of Netilas Yadayim removes this "Tum-ah". Another reason for Netilas Yadayim is that just as the High Priest in the Bais Hamikdash washed his hands, every Jew should wash his hands before praying, as it is written in Tehillim in Perek 26 Posuk 6: "I will wash my hands in purity and I will circle your altar, Hashem."

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