Tefillin have two basic parts, the box (bayis) and the straps (retzu-os).

The Tefillin are always black and must be square and not chipped. The straps come out from the back of the Tefillin. The bayis has a greater Kedusha (holiness) because it contains four parshiyos of the Torah written on parchment.

On the outside of the bayis of the head, there are four lines which mark the sections where the four parshiyos are found inside. There is a letter "shin" on both sides of the bayis. The straps are wrapped and meet at the back of the head. There the straps form a knot that is shaped like the letter "daled". On the bayis of the arm there is a knot in the form of a "yud". When all three letters are put together, the name "Shadai" is spelled, which is one of the names of Hashem.

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