Chapter One - Mishna 8

Do not act as a lawyer (when you are a judge)
Yehuda ben Tabai and Shimon ben Shotach received the Tradition from them. Yehuda ben Tabai says: "If you are a judge, do not act like a lawyer and in the picture above the man sitting next to the Rabbi is asking the man advice privately. The man standing in the doorway is worried. He will be going to court with this other man to decide their case. The Torah teaches us that when two people have a problem with each other the Rabbi should not listen to one person when the other person is not there. He cannot tell the man what questions they are going to ask, how he should answer and what things not to say. It would not be fair if the judge acted like a lawyer by taking sides. He must wait until both people come to him and only then, listen to each side.

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