Before eating bread, we wash our hands, say the "brocha" of "al n’tilas yodoyim" and then "Hamohtzi lechem min ho’oretz". What do we do if we are just nibbling a little piece of bread, not even a whole slice? The Rabbis use two measurements for bread, to teach us how to know when to make certain "brochohs". The larger measurement is a "baytza" which is half a slice of bread. The smaller measurement is a "k’zaiyis" which is a quarter of a slice of bread. Even if we eat only a "k’zaiyis" of bread, we should wash, say "al n’tilas yodoyim", and then "Hamohtzi". This is because a "k’zaiyis" is the part of the meal which satisfies a person’s hunger. (HaRav Moshe Feinstein zt"l based on the GR"A) If we eat less than a "k’zaiyis", we should wash but not say the "brocha" "al n’tilas yodoyim". (Igros Moshe 4:41) Afterwards, we say "Hamohtzi", before eating even the smallest amount of bread.

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