The Rama says that it is a "mitzvah" to put salt on the table before making the "brocha" "Hamohtzi". This is because the table is compared to a "mizbayach" and our meal is like a "korbon". Every "korbon" is brought with salt. (Ohrach Chaiyim 167:5)

While we sit and wait for the rest of the family to wash and join us for "Hamohtzi", we are not doing "mitzvohs". This is the perfect time for the "Satan" to bother us and cause us harm. As you can see from the picture, the "Bris Melach" (the agreement that was made with salt) protects us at this time. (Mishnah B'rurah 167:32) In fact, the "M'kubolim" (Kabbalists) would dip their bread in salt three times. (Mishnah B'rurah 167:33)

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