Rabbaynu Bachya explains that the world can be divided into four parts:
1) Dohmaym - things that are not alive, such as rocks
2) Tzemach - things that grow, such as plants
3) Chaiyos - animals
4) M’dabayr - those that speak, meaning human beings

1) How does Hashem nourish the "dohmaym"? Since the mountains and rocks do not need food, what does Hashem do to "nourish" them? By letting a mountain stay a mountain, or a valley remain a valley, Hashem is "nourishing" them. If at any time Hashem destroys them or allows them to decay, then Hashem is taking away their nourishment.

2) Plants are rooted. Hashem brings nourishment to them.

3) Animals can move, so they must search and hunt for food.

4) Man is above animals; he has the ability to think. Because man is able to, Hashem set up the world that he should prepare the food he eats. Animals eat their food as they find it. The amount a man needs to work in order to eat, will depend on his trust in Hashem. The more a man has faith in Hashem, the less he will have to work to make a living. (Kad HaKemach, Sha’ar HaParnossa)

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