"Bítuvoh, bíchayn, bíchesed uvrachamim" (in His goodness, as a favor, with kindness, and with mercy)...
It is manís nature to behave a certain way. He is jealous and stingy. This is not true of Hashem. Hashem always does good for us and is very generous to us. (Etz Yosef)

"Hu noh-sayn lechem líchol bosor ki líohlom chasdoh" - (He gives bread to all flesh - both animals and people - because His kindness is endless.)
This is taken from a "posuk" (sentence) from Tíhilim 136:25. Hashem has many different messengers to deliver His food. Sometimes it looks like "mazal" (luck), sometimes it looks like we are getting this food because we worked for it. However, it is important to remember that all this good comes from Hashem. He continually does kindness for us, without end. (Malbim)

In the picture we see a man who keeps the 613 "mitzvohs", getting a pizza delivered straight to his door. "Who is it from?" he asks. Of course, we know that all good things that happen to us, are from Hashem. We add the word "hu" (He) at this time, since we are receiving His goodness, and want to emphasize that ALL of our blessings come from Hashem.

"uvtuvoh hagadohl" - (and in His great goodness)
Hashem provides food to all people even when they are not deserving of His help. By saying these words, we are placing our faith in His great goodness. (Iyun Tífilo)

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