"Tomid loh chosar lonu v’al yechsar lonu mozohn l’ohlom vo-ed" - (We never lacked, and may it be, that we will never lack "nourishment" - food .)

"Tomid loh chosar" - (we never lacked)
For forty years Hashem provided food for us in the desert. We never lacked anything. (Nechemya 9:21) All of our needs were completely taken care of by Hashem. (M’tzudas Dovid) We were always protected by the "anonay hakovohd" (clouds which were above us in the desert). In addition, Hashem sent us food from the Heavens, gave us the well of Miriam so that we would always have water, and our clothes grew with us and were always clean.

"V’al yechsar lonu" - (and may we not lack)
These words are actually a request to Hashem, "may we never be lacking".(Y’shaiyo-hu 51:14) While we are in "golus" (exile), our enemies surround us and try to destroy us, but Hashem will not shame us. He will supply our needs. (Radak)

"Ba-avur sh’moh ha-godohl" - (for the sake of His Great Name)
Hashem takes care of all that we need because of His great merciful name. (Yaavetz)

"Ki hu Kayl zon umfarnays lakohl umaytiv lakohl" - (because He is the G-d who nourishes, supports, and does good for all...)
"zon" - nourishes, refers to food
"umfarnays" - supports, refers to clothing
"umaytiv" - does good, refers to shelter
These are the basic needs of life, and Hashem takes care of all of them for us. (Etz Yosef)

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