"Umaychin mozohn líchol bíri-yohsov asher boro" - (and He prepares food for all His creations which He has created)

While people are sleeping, Hashem stirs the winds, raises the clouds, brings rain to the earth, makes plants grow, dries them, and sets each personís table. (Medrash Rabbah, Vayikro l4:2) This Medrash is a proof that Hashem prepares ahead for all that we will need. (Iyun Tífilo)

["Ko-omur: Poh-sayach es yodecho umasbiy-a líchol chai rotzohn" - (as it is said: You open Your Hand and satisfy the wishes of every living thing. -Tíhilim l45:l6)]
This "posuk" was written by King David, so it is not included in this "brocha" which was set down by Moshe Rabbaynu. (The explanation of these words is found at the end of Birkas Hamozohn.)

In the above picture, we see a father walking into his house on a rainy day. His family has prepared for all his needs; a dry robe is waiting, his wet coat is gently removed, slippers have already been brought to warm his feet, and hot soup is being served on a nicely set tablecloth. We are trying to do as Hashem does for us. He prepares ahead for all our needs.

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