"HAZON ES HAKOHL" - "Blessed are You Hashem who nourishes all."

"Boruch ato Hashem hazon es hakohl" - (Blessed are You Hashem who nourishes all.)

"Everyoneís eyes look to you with hope, and you give them their food in the proper time." (Tíhilim 145:l5) Hashem cares for people in many different ways. Some people receive the smallest amount that is needed, while some people receive much, much more than they need. Hashem knows and cares for all of His creations. (Malbim) Before a person needs something, Hashem has already prepared for this time of need. (Mítzudas Dovid) The greatest proof that Hashem supplies all our needs, is that we have just eaten a meal. Who prepared this food for us? Hashem, of course.

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