"Nodeh lícho Hashem E-loh-kaynu" - (We thank You, Hashem our G-d)

This "brocha" does not begin with the words "Blessed are You...", to teach us that we should consider it attached to the first "brocha". This follows the rule of "brocha hasmucho líchaverto" (a "brocha" which is next to its friend). When one long "brocha" begins with "Boruch ato...", then the "brocha" which follows it, does not begin with "Boruch".(Lavush) "We thank You forever...(Tíhilim 79:13) - continually, every day of our lives. (Malbim)

"Al she-hinchalto la-avohsaynu" - (that You have given the heritage (Eretz Yisroel), to our forefathers)

"He told His people of the power of His works, to give them the inheritance of the nations." (Tíhilim 111:6) Why does the Torah begin with the story of Creation? This is, so that it should be completely clear to all, that Hashem has complete power over the world. If the nations of the world accuse us of stealing Eretz Yisroel from the seven nations of Canaan, we will tell them, "Eretz Yisroel belongs to the Creator. The whole universe belongs to Hashem. It was His will to give it to you, and it was His will to take it back from you and give it to us." (Rashi)

"Eretz chemdo" - (a land that is desired)

"And I give to you a desirable land, the finest inheritance." (Yirmiyo-hu 3:19)
Why is Eretz Yisroel called a desirable land?
1) The Land itself is beautiful and pleasant.
2) It was given to us as an inheritance forever. (Malbim)
3) Although Hashem is everywhere, his Divine Presence is more easily felt in Eretz Yisroel, where the "Bays Hamikdosh" was placed. (Mítzudas Dovid)

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