"Tohvo urchovo" - (which is good and which is wide)

"And I will bring them out of that land, to a land that is good and spacious" (Sh’mos 3:8) The Ramban explains that "good" means a land where the air itself is good and it is healthy for man. Every good thing is found in this land. The word "spacious" teaches us that there is plenty of room in the land for all of "B’nay Yisroel" to live there.

"v’al she-hohtzaysonu Hashem Eloh-kaynu may-eretz Mitzrai-yim" - (and that You took us out, Hashem our G-d, from the land of Egypt)

Why do we thank Hashem for taking "us" out of Egypt? Shouldn’t we thank Hashem for taking "our fathers" out of Egypt? The answer is that when speaking about the "Land", we say that it is the inheritance of our fathers, but when talking about the going out of Egypt, each person in every generation, should think of the redemption as a personal redemption. (P’sochim 115B) The Ritvah explains that when Hashem took the Jews out of Egypt, he redeemed all of Israel as one. This means that He not only took the Jews of that generation out of Egypt, but took out all generations, even those that were to be born in the future. Therefore, we should each look at ourselves as if Hashem took "us" out of Egypt, and we should thank and praise Hashem for doing this.

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