Zion here means Jerusalem. "If I forget Jerusalem, let myright hand become useless. Let my tongue stick to the roof of mymouth." (T'hilim 135:5,6) Chazal gave us different ways toremember the destruction of Jerusalem. When plastering a house, aperson would leave a part of the wall unplastered. Certain foodswere not eaten, and certain jewelry was not worn to remind us ofthe destruction. (Bobo Basro 60B) The Maharsha explains thatafter completing a meal, a person should sit at his table alittle longer without eating. This is to remember that ourbeloved Bays Hamikdosh was destroyed."v'al malchus baysdovid m'shichecho" - (and on the kingdom of the house ofDavid, Your annointed one...)

This "brocha" is like the fifteenth"brocha" of "Sh'mohneh Esray" which alsotalks about bringing back the kingdom of King David. (Lavush)"v'al habai-yis hagodohl v'hakodohsh she-nikro shimchoolov" - (and on the great and holy House [Bays Hamikdosh]which is known by Your name)

This "brocha" is like the seventeenth"brocha" of "Sh'mohneh Esray" which speaksabout our waiting for Hashem to return to Jerusalem and to buildthe third Bays Hamikdosh. This final Bays Hamikdosh will begreater than the earlier ones. (Chaggai 2:9)
We know that the second Bays Hamikdosh was destroyed becausethere was "sin-as chinom", a time when Jews were notgetting along with one another. The Malbim explains that thethird Bays Hamikdosh will not be destroyed, as there will not behatred between brothers.

"Eloh-kaynu, ovinu, r'aynu, zunaynu, parn'saynuv'chalk'laynu v'harvichaynu" - (Our G-d, Our Father, watchesover us, feeds us, gives us clothing and a place to live,supports us regularly, and gives us enough to livecomfortably...) (Etz Yosef)
When we speak about the things Hashem does for us, it reminds us,that even though we have gone through difficult times since theBays Hamikdosh was destroyed, Hashem always takes care of us.(Iyun T'filo)

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