This prayer is added on Shabbos.
"R'tzay is a prayer for Hashem's mercy. We add it here, inthe blessing of "Bohnay Y'rusholoyim", since they areboth prayers for Hashem's mercy. (Mishnah B'rurah 188:12)
"R'tzay v'hachalitzaynu Hashem Eloh-kaynu b'mitzvohsecho,uv'mitzvas yohm ha-sh'
viy-i" - (Be pleased and save us, Hashem our G-d, by Yourcommandments and by the mitzvah of the seventh day -which is themitzvah of keeping Shabbos)
Rabbi Eliezer ben Yaakov said, the word"v'hachalitzaynu" has many meanings. It is a prayer to"loosen" or ease up our suffering; "give us aplace to hide" from all of our troubles; give us the"weapons" or the ability to overcome our difficulties;and allow us "to rest" and not to have to worry aboutmaking a living. (Talmud Y'rushalmi Shabbos) As a reward forkeeping the laws of Shabbos properly, we ask Hashem to take usout of Golus, and let us come back to Eretz Yisroel and bestrong. (Etz Yosef) In the picture above, two soldiers have cometo Moshe's house to keep him and his family from going anywhere.Moshe and his family are completely confident that they will notbe harmed. They are not frightened.
They are sure that because they are keeping the Shabbos accordingto the Torah, Hashem will reward them by taking them to EretzYisroel.

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