`This is a prayer for Hashem's mercy. We add it here, in theblessing of "Bohnay Y'rusholoyim", since they are bothprayers for Hashem's mercy. (Mishnah B'rurah l88:l2)
"Ya'aleh v'yo-voh" uses eight words, one after another,to ask Hashem to remember us and be happy with us. These wordsstand for eight levels that separate man from Hashem. Because wesinned, Hashem moved further away from earth. Now, we pray, thatour remembrance should rise above these levels, and be broughtright in front of Hashem. (Iyun T'filo) The Vilna Gaon explainsthat these eight requests stand for something far deeper. Theyare:
1) "Let it rise up" - remember Jerusalem (T'hilim137:6)
2) "and come to You" - remember Moshiach (Z'charyah3:8)
3) "and reach You" - remember that Hashem will bringthe dead back to life (Daniyel 12:12)
4) "and be seen" - remember Akaydas Yitzchok, thebinding of Isaac on the altar (B'rayshis 22:14)
5) " and be accepted" - remember the sacrifices webrought in the Bays Hamikdosh (Y'shai-yo-hu 56:7)
6) " and be heard" - remember the study of the Torah(Malachi 3:16)
7) "and think about" - remember how You took us out ofEgypt (Sh'mos 3:16)
8) " and remember" - remember the agreement You madewith our forefathers (Va-yikra 26:45)
The order of the requests is also important. Let the thought ofus GO UP to Heaven, and COME to Your holy place, and REACH itsproper place, and BE SEEN in front of You, and be ACCEPTED forgood, so that the whole world will HEAR that Hashem has THOUGHTABOUT his decree and REMEMBERS His agreement and His promise tosave His people. (Iyun T'filo)
Our G-d and the G-d of our fathers, let (our pleas) go up, andcome (to You), and reach (You), and be seen (by You), and beaccepted, and be heard, and be counted, and be remembered, areminder and thoughts of us, and a reminder of our forefathers,and a reminder of "Moshiach" the son of Dovid Yourservant, and a reminder of Jerusalem Your holy city, and areminder of all Your people, the House of Israel (should come)before You.(Think of us) to save us, for our good, as a favor,and as a kindness, and with mercy, for a good life, and forpeace, on this day of : Rosh Chodesh (the New Month) the Festivalof Matzohs the Festival of Shovu-ohs Remembrance (on RoshHashono)
the Festival of Succohs the Festival of Sh'mini Atzeres (andSimchas Torah)
Remember us Hashem our G-d, on this day, for good, and think ofus for blessing, and save us for a good life. And having to dowith saving and mercy, have pity on us and show us favor, andhave mercy on us and save us. Because our eyes (look) to You,because You, G-d, (King), are kind and merciful.

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