"uvnay y'rusholai-yim ir hakohdesh bimhayro v'yomaynu.Boruch ato Hashem bohnay b'rachamov Y'rusholoyim, omayn" -
(And may You build Jerusalem, the holy city, quickly, in ourdays. Blessed are You Hashem, who builds Jerusalem in His mercy.Amen.) "Hashem is the builder of Jerusalem; He will gathertogether those Jews that were thrown out of Eretz Yisroel when itwas destroyed)." (T'hilim 147:2) Hashem Himself will rebuildJerusalem. It will be a holy city, and everyone will be able tofeel that Hashem is there. (Malbim) "omayn" - (Amen)
This is the end of the third blessing. It can be read in twoways, either as
1) a prayer, or
2) a way of saying thank you.
As a prayer: May Jerusalem be rebuilt quickly, in our life. As anexpression of thanks: We give thanks to You, Your name isblessed, that You will surely rebuild Jerusalem.

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