(Who is good and who does good)
This "brocha" was written by Rabban Gamliel the Elder,to express "hakoras hatohv" (thanks), for the miraclethat Hashem did for those killed in Baytar. When Rome ruled overthe Jewish nation, Bar Kohchba led the Jews of Baytar andrebelled against the enemy. The Romans beat the Jewish army. Toget revenge on the Jews, the Romans entered Baytar and killedhundreds of thousands of men, women, and children. When the Jewswanted to bury the dead bodies, the Romans would not allow themto do this. For years the dead were left unburied in the openfields of Baytar. Rabban Gamliel and his court fasted and davenedfor many days. Even this was not enough. Rabban Gamliel also hadto send a huge bribe to the Romans before they gave the Jewspermission to bury the dead people. The miracle was that thebodies did not smell or rot. They were fresh and whole. TheRabbinical court set down this blessing for future generations.It thanks Hashem for His double goodness -
"Hatohv" thanks Hashem for keeping the bodies fresh,and "Hamaytiv" thanks Hashem for allowing us to burythem.

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