"malkaynu" - (our king)
"For Hashem is our judge; Hashem is the one who gives us ourlaws; Hashem is our king; He will save us." (Y'shai-yo-hu33:22) Hashem can forgive us for anything we do wrong, just as aking is able to show mercy and take away the punishment a persondeserves. Because this is so, we are certain that Hashem will usethis power and save us. (Malbim) In the picture above, the manhas been following the Yaytzer Horo and deserves to be punished.
However, Hashem, in His mercy, has thrown out a net to save him.Now, his job is to think about what Hashem has done for him andto do "t'shuva" - change his past behavior. Remember,STOP and THINK. Things happen to wake us up so we will do theright things.
"adiraynu" - (our strong one)
"But there, Hashem is mighty for us". (Y'shai-yo-hu33:21) Since Hashem is strong, He will be able to overpower anyenemy, no matter how strong or large. (M'tzudas Dovid)

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