[Guests add these blessings. Children eating at their parents'table should add the words in parentheses.]
8) "Horachamon hu y'voraych es (ovi mohri) ba-al habaiyishazeh, v'es (imi mohrosi) ba-alas habaiyis hazeh ohsom v'esbaysom v'es zar-om v'es kol asher lo-hem" - (May the Merciful One bless (my father, my teacher) the man of this house,and (my mother, my teacher) the woman of this house, them, and their home, and their children, and everything that is theirs)
[When eating at your own table, add the words that apply.]
9) "Horachamon hu y'voraych ohsi (v'es ishti / ba'ali, v'eszar-i) v'es kol asher li," - (May the Merciful One bless me,(my wife / my husband, and my children) and all that is mine)
[This blessing may be added to the "Horachamon's" #8 or#9 when it applies:]"v'es kol ham'subin kon" - (and allthat are sitting here)

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