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"ohsonu v'es kol asher lonu k'moh shenisborchu avohsaynuavro-hom, yitzchok, v'ya-akohv BAKOHL MIKOHL KOHL" - (may Hebless us, and all that is ours, as our forefathers Abraham,Isaac, and Jacob were blessed, with all, from all, and in everyway.)
In Bobo Basra l7a, they discuss the blessing of "BAKOHL,MIKOHL KOHL"- with all, from all, and in every way. These words come to teach us that Hashem gave our forefathers Abraham,Isaac, and Jacob a chance to taste a little bit of the World to Come while still in this world. They enjoyed this special blessing in many parts of their life, and did not lack anything.(Rashi)
Each "KOHL" stands for a different blessing:
1) "with all" - "Hashem blessed Avrohom with allthings." (B'rayshis 24:l) Even Ezra explains that "withall" includes long life, wealth, children, and those thingswhich are valuable to a person.
2) "from all" - "I (Yitzchok) have eaten from allof it before you came." (B'rayshis 27:33) Rashi explainsthat the food which Yaakov brought him (Yitzchok), was sowonderous that it tasted like whatever Yitzchok wanted.
3) "and in every way" - When Yaakov meets Aysov, heasks him to accept his present. "For Hashem has favored meand I have everything." (B'rayshis 33:ll) Rashi teaches usthe difference in the way these two brothers spoke. Aysov talkedlike a big shot, saying that he had much more than he needed.Yaakov, on the other hand, said that Hashem blessed him with allthat he needs.
"kayn y'voraych ohsonu kulonu yachad bivrocho sh'laymov'nohmar omayn" - (so may He bless us all together, acomplete blessing, and let us say, Amen.)
Hashem blessed our forefathers with a complete blessing. It wasperfect and did not lack anything. Since they fought so hardagainst the Yaytzer Horo, Hashem protected them from the YaytzerHoro in their lifetimes, and it had no power over them in theirdeaths. Their souls were taken by Hashem Himself. (Maharsha)

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