A Posuk in Chumash says "You Israel, what does Hashem ask of you? Only to fear him." From this Posuk, our Sages of blessed memory, in the time of King David, said that not only should we fear Hashem, but we should say 100 brochos a day. We learn this from the letters of the words in this sentence. Add them together and they equal 100.

By saying these 100 brochos with concentration, a person will come to realize how great Hashem is, and he will fear Him. Here is a list of at least 100 brochos that are said each day:

WE NEED THE WORDS.......................... The Shemoneh Esrei of Shabbos has only 7 brochos instead of 19. If a person says the Friday night and Shabbos day Kiddush, the Musaf prayer, answers "Amen" to the Aliyos Hatorah in both Shacharis and Minchah, and makes brochos on other foods throughout the day, he can make up the difference and still say 100 brochos. If he is not sure whether or not answering "Amen" to the Aliyos Hatorah counts towards the 100 brochos, then answering to the Repetition of the Shemoneh Esrei on Shabbos morning, should complete the 100 brochos according to most opinions.

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