Doesn't the man with the bundle look suspicious. "HE MUST be doing something bad" you may be thinking. Well, this boy is practicing the mitzvah of Love Your Neighbor As Yourself". He is thinking, "hmmm... if that were me I would not want others to assume I was doing something wrong. Maybe that man is really not doing anything bad at all!"

If we think about it we'll see that both the mitzvah of judging everyone favorably and the mitzvah of staying away from Loshon Hora depend on practicing the mitzvah of Love Your Neighbor As Yourself."

When one person truly loves another, he will go out of his way to find an excuse for his friend. He will think how he himself would feel in the same situation and he will realize that he certainly would be hurt if others spoke badly of him.

Treat others as you like to be treated... and you will never come to speak Loshon Hora.


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