SHMOS 15:16
May terror and dread fall upon them,by the greatness of Your arm may they be still as stone, until Your people pass through, Hashem, until this people that You have acquired passes through.

Terror fell upon nations afar, dread overcame nations nearby. Amalek called all of them together in order to unite them and attack as one force while Bnai Yisrael were crossing the Red Sea. At that moment Moshe prayed to the Almighty for Divine intervention. Hashem answered his prayers and caused the nations to become still as stone. (Mechilta) Moshe continued to pray that Hashem would protect Bnai Yisrael until they were safely over the Arnon and Jorden rivers. He feared that at the time of crossing the rivers Bnai Yisrael would be especially vulnerable to attack and therefore needed a prayer for protection in case they lacked the merit for a miracle to protect them. (Sforno)

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