If you want to see if your Tzitzis are kosher, take three fingers (the pointer, the middle finger, and the ring finger) and lay them down next to a hole. If your fingers go over the edge of the "beged" (the garment on which we attach the four sets of strings), then it is kosher. But if the "beged" sticks out under your fingers, then the hole is too far away from the end or the side.

Now, if you want to see if the hole is too close to the end, put your thumb right next to the hole. If the end of the "beged" does not reach the knuckle, then that means the hole is too close to the end and it is not kosher.

If the hole of the Tzitzis begins to tear, it is still kosher as long as it was originally made correctly. It is a good idea to sew up the holes to which the Tzitzis are connected, so it should not tear in the future.

The corner of the Tzitzis must be square and not round. According to Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin zt"l, a past Rav of Yerushalayim, if you put your three middle fingers diagonally across the corner of the garment and you can still see the edge of the material sticking out under your fingers, then the corner is considered square and so it is kosher.Otherwise, if no material can be seen, this would be considered a round corner, and not be permitted for use.

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