LAWS OF KNOTS ON TZITZIS Tzitzis are made up of a series of five knots. These knots are made by first threading four long strings through a hole in the corner of the garment. Three of the strings are exactly the same length, while the fourth string is longer. This longer string is called the shamash.

Making sure all four strings are straight on one side, we thread them through the hole of the garment. The shamash will be longer than the others on only one side. Once the four strings go through the hole, we have four strings on each side, which is eight in all. Now a double knot is made with four strings on each side.

It does not matter whether a person ties a square knot or a granny knot. Before making the first knot, he should say: "LeShaym Mitzvas Tzitzis" which means "I am doing this to keep the commandment of Tzitzis." Then he takes the shamash and winds it seven times around the other strings, and ties another double knot. After this, he winds it eight times, makes another double knot, winds it 11 times, makes a double knot, winds it 13 times, and ties a final double knot.

From the very first knot until the very last knot, it should measure at least four thumb widths, and the strings hanging beneath the knots should be at least eight thumb widths. The Tzitzis should hang from the side of the garment.

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